At Northwest Land Team, we focus on land acquisitions and new construction projects. We specialize in Low Rise (LR), Commercial (C), and Single Family (SF) zoning in the city of Seattle and work with premier developers developing townhomes, single family residences, and apartment buildings.

About Northwest Land Team

As the Founder of Northwest Land Team, Ryan Hardy together with his team of professionals specialize in providing insightful counsel and resourceful consulting services to builders and developers, offering extensive expertise in the Marketing and Sales of Residential Properties, New Construction and Land and Site Acquisition. Through their clear understanding of the current regional trends, they are able to consistently offer crucial, in-depth local market knowledge and provide their clients with excellent opportunities that exist in the Greater Seattle real estate market.

Northwest Land Team excels at educating and creating value for their clients and provides timely guidance and expertise in addressing all aspects of each project and transaction with professional competence. Due their extensive experience and through their extensive resources, Northwest Land Team ensures that each client receives personal and responsive real estate expertise. They take great care to analyze the investment potential of each property and are highly diligent in covering every angle in researching and providing their clients with the critical information needed to make thoughtful and balanced decisions. In applying their knowledge of the technical and regulatory elements, the team is extremely rigorous in protecting their clients by bringing light to the critical issues that may impact their real estate investment. Whether it’s doing diligence on issues pertaining to the areas of permits and zoning, a review of the technical points of the transaction or conducting further research to disclose all facts that may affect or influence a property; Northwest Land Team is extremely diligent in seeing that their clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to. When consulting with Northwest Land Team, you always receive current real estate market knowledge from a professional.

Northwest Land Team’s clients trust in their integrity and insight, and value their timely guidance, critical assessment and expertise. The team is masterful in finding creative and equitable solutions to make each project and transaction come together with a positive result. Their immediate accessibility, answers to timely questions and trusted perspective makes them invaluable to their clients. Northwest Land Team readily delivers results that are beyond their clients’ expectations and are truly dedicated professionals who thorough their knowledgeable and valued guidance ensure that all of their clients’ goals are achieved.

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