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About Northwest Land Team

As the Founder of Northwest Land Team, Ryan Hardy together with his team of professionals specialize in providing insightful counsel and resourceful consulting services to builders and developers, offering extensive expertise in the Marketing and Sales of Residential Properties, New Construction and Land and Site Acquisition. Through their clear understanding of the current regional trends, they are able to consistently offer crucial, in-depth local market knowledge and provide their clients with excellent opportunities that exist in the Greater Seattle real estate market.

Northwest Land Team excels at educating and creating value for their clients and provides timely guidance and expertise in addressing all aspects of each project and transaction with professional competence. Due their extensive experience and through their extensive resources, Northwest Land Team ensures that each client receives personal and responsive real estate expertise. They take great care to analyze the investment potential of each property and are highly diligent in covering every angle in researching and providing their clients with the critical information needed to make thoughtful and balanced decisions. In applying their knowledge of the technical and regulatory elements, the team is extremely rigorous in protecting their clients by bringing light to the critical issues that may impact their real estate investment. Whether it’s doing diligence on issues pertaining to the areas of permits and zoning, a review of the technical points of the transaction or conducting further research to disclose all facts that may affect or influence a property; Northwest Land Team is extremely diligent in seeing that their clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to. When consulting with Northwest Land Team, you always receive current real estate market knowledge from a professional.

Northwest Land Team’s clients trust in their integrity and insight, and value their timely guidance, critical assessment and expertise. The team is masterful in finding creative and equitable solutions to make each project and transaction come together with a positive result. Their immediate accessibility, answers to timely questions and trusted perspective makes them invaluable to their clients. Northwest Land Team readily delivers results that are beyond their clients’ expectations and are truly dedicated professionals who thorough their knowledgeable and valued guidance ensure that all of their clients’ goals are achieved.

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Ryan Hardy

Ryan Hardy, Founder l Managing Broker l Windermere Real Estate Co.

Enlisting Ryan for all your real estate needs means having a working relationship based on honesty, integrity, and faithfulness. Ryan comes from a family that has been involved in the real estate industry for generations. Walking construction sites with his father during his younger years gave Ryan his passion and knowledge in all aspects that real estate has to offer. At the early age of 18, Ryan received his real estate license and started out in the career he’s held ever since. Meeting different people and learning their stories, coming up with creative solutions to assist others in solving their problems, and keeping up with the dynamic nature of the business are some of the things that keep Ryan passionate about his brand. Enlisting Ryan for all your real estate needs means having a lasting relationship based on honesty, integrity, and faithfulness. Ryan abides by these principles in life and in business to ensure that, at the end of every project, there will be no doubts that you made the best decision in trusting Ryan Hardy. Your needs are his highest priority. Buying or selling property is a big investment, and Ryan will work hard to make sure you feel secure throughout the entire process. Ryan specializes in new development in different areas of Seattle; he knows the market and has access to all the information you need. After several years of being a real estate broker, Ryan surrounds himself with the BEST developers Seattle has to offer. These connections help him offer unparalleled service, whatever the needs may require. Put Ryan Hardy to work for you and get the best possible results when pursuing your real estate interests.
Neftali Rodriguez

Neftali Rodriguez l Marketing Director

Born and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington Neftali Rodriguez calls the Pacific Northwest her home. Coming from a hardworking family, Neftali learned at an early age that you work for what you want. This helps her focus on the projects enabling the team to excel on a daily basis.

Her father has always told Neftali that education is key in life. With this guidance and wisdom, she’s currently on pursuit to receive acceptance from the Washington State Nursing Program to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Originally her passion grew by watching nurses take care of her premature twin sisters in the hospital. She also has attended a few mission trips alongside her church including one important journey that was an enormous eye opener when visiting a few of the worst poverty potent areas in Mexico. The experience gave her the ability to understand that no matter what happens in life, there is always someone you could be helping.

With these values and beliefs Neftali Rodriguez excels Northwest Land Team to reaching newer heights beyond what was thought to be capable!

Melissa McMurray

Melissa McMurray l New Construction & Land Broker l Lake & Company Real Estate

Melissa McMurray is a Real Estate Broker at Lake and Company Real Estate with over 10 years of experience in Builder Services. Melissa specializes in new construction-overseeing the sale of raw land to builders/developers and working all the way through a project with designers/architects, perfecting the urban communities, and assisting home buyers through the purchasing process.

Seattle native Melissa McMurray started her Real Estate career working as a Condominium Specialist for one of Seattle’s top producing on-site companies. Melissa has represented and sold-out more than 8+ mid/high-rise in-city urban condominium projects. Melissa has had the pleasure of working side by side with local prominent developers, such as Murray/Franklyn Companies, Maria Barrientos, R.C Hedreen, to name a few, and worked exclusively as a Receiver’s Agent for Seattle Bank. Additionally, Melissa works with local home builders, focusing on commercial and residential land transactions. She finds the land that people want to live in. With a knowledge of new construction, Melissa has a long track record of working with new construction buyers.

Melissa is always looking for home owners interested in selling their land or if you are a home buyer, she might have the perfect in-city project!